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Fun Family Day Activities – Toronto PATH

Get out of the house this Family Day! As cozy as it can be to  spend time in the comfort of your own home, Family Day is the perfect opportunity to create quality memories with your loved ones. Don’t let the cold Canadian weather keep you cooped up inside this year – grab the kids, bundle up and get moving! With the help of Oxford Properties and your Toronto PATH retailers, here’s a handy guide on some fun Family Day activities.

Pamper Yourselves
A family pamper session can be a different but great way to celebrate Family Day this year. Head to Richmond-Adelaide Centre for a multitude of indulgent options. Start the day off by enjoying a manicure or pedicure at Polish’d Nail Bar. If you’re a bit hesitant, try and keep an open mind. After all, everyone needs their feet worked on sometimes! This also provides an excellent way for the entire family to relax and unwind together.

If pedicures aren’t your thing, Salon Dolce is a full-service, unisex salon located in the main concourse of Richmond-Adelaide Centre. Their team has plenty of expertise for any cut, style or colour you may want to try. Whether you’d like a small trim or a full blow-out, each family member having a fresh, new style will help create a unique (and maybe hilarious) Family Day memory.

Once everyone is primped and styled, someone is bound to be hungry. Nadège Patisserie has a delicious collection of various macarons and pastries for the family to try.

If you’re looking for a more subdued Family Day and want to stay home after all, head to Royal Bank Plaza first to pick up some relaxing goodies from retailers like Indigo, David’s Tea and Escents. First, head over to Escents, which provides oils that can help with everything from relaxation to headaches. Their Happy scent is always a fan favourite and is sure to bring some Family Day cheer to your home.

Reading a great book is always a good way to spend a day off work or school. At Indigo, there are a variety of book selections that will attract everyone in the family. It also provides a great opportunity for the kids to put down the technology for a day! Top the shopping trip off with a quick run to David’s Tea for some warm, seasonal sips. There’s nothing cozier than reading a great book with a hot mug of tea.

Take Advantage of Winter
The weather outside this winter may seem a but too chilly to want to spend much time out there, but there are plenty of fun outdoor activities that are only available in winter. Ice skating, skiing and sledding are just a few options to take advantage of this Family Day, so head to MetroCentre beforehand to stock up on some necessities.

For those frayed winter boots you’ve been donning for years, It’s A Shoe Repair can help mend them. Keep your feet nice and warm without having to purchase a whole new set of footwear. While you’re at it, head to Reitmans to find some thicker layers to purchase. If you’re spending more than a couple of hours outside, you’ll be happy you did this.

Lastly, no outdoor winter activity is complete without some hot cocoa! Head to Starbucks to pick up some beverages with the family, or stay true to Canadian roots by purchasing a big carafe of hot chocolate from Tim Hortons.

It can be tempting to spend Family Day running errands or watching TV. With the help of Oxford Properties and your Toronto PATH retailers, take advantage of the day off and spend some quality time with your loved ones!

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