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Get in the Super Bowl Sunday Spirit- Toronto PATH

It’s that time of year again! Super Bowl Sunday is upon us and that means an entire day filled with snacks, beer and live TV. Whether you’re a die-hard football fan or just excited for the halftime show, Super Bowl Sunday can be a great excuse to kick back and hang out with friends. Enjoy this year’s Super Bowl Sunday to the fullest with the help of Oxford Properties and your Toronto PATH retailers.


Get the Snacks
First things first: you need some proper football eats. Pick up all your snack foods at Shoppers Drug Mart in Royal Bank Plaza for the ultimate selection. Chips, pretzels, party mix and salsa will go a long way at any football party, but feel free to browse around for other tasty additions. In charge of providing the dessert this year? Brownie mix is always a safe bet, guaranteed to satisfy any guests with a sweet tooth.

Whether you’re hosting the get-together or just attending as a guest, beer is a staple purchase. Head to LCBO in Royal Bank Plaza and stock up on their wide variety of beers. Buying an assortment can be a convenient way to ensure all guests are happy and enjoying their night, but if you’re just buying for yourself, don’t be afraid to splurge a little on a particularly favoured brand. After all, it’s Super Bowl Sunday! For guests that aren’t drinking, coffee and hot chocolate can always warm up a chilly Sunday in February. Head to Tim Hortons to pick up some bulk boxes of your preferred hot beverage, located in Royal Bank Plaza, Richmond-Adelaide Centre and Metro Centre.

Play the Good Guest/Host
It’s always good manners as a guest to bring the host or hostess a gift, consider bringing a snack to contribute, or dessert. Head to Rexall in Richmond-Adelaide Centre to pick up something tasty to bring and a cheeky greeting card. If you can’t be bothered to prepare anything, Nadege in Richmond-Adelaide Centre has tasty baked goods you can pick up ahead of time.

If you are playing host this year, making your home as inviting and comfortable as possible is key. Since you’ll be spending the majority of time sitting and watching the game, head to Indigo in Royal Bank Plaza for some cozy blankets and throw pillows. To add a fun element to your party, have posters made of your favourite football team and place them all around your sitting room. It’s even better if some of your guests are cheering for the opposite team! Check out The Printing House in Richmond-Adelaide Centre for custom posters made in a flash.

Check Your Cable
This is possibly the most important aspect of the entire day. Making sure your cable is up to the task is an integral part of Super Bowl Sunday. It’s important to know what your best options are, especially when choosing who’s going to host the Super Bowl party this year. You want to make sure you’re avoiding as many lags and crashes as possible, especially near the end of the game.

For quality service and comparable rates, check out the Bell store in Richmond-Adelaide Centre. Their experts will be able to clarify any questions you may have and can give you some insight into what plans would be best suited for you.

Super Bowl Sunday is a great way to relax, unwind and enjoy some quality time with friends. Make sure you have your best Super Bowl yet with some help from Oxford Properties and your Toronto PATH retailers!

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