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How To Eat Healthier – Toronto PATH

Do you always vow to eat healthier but never know where or how to start? This April, Oxford Properties wants to encourage you to take a closer look at your eating habits and make small steps towards a healthier diet. Eating healthy can boost your energy levels, keep you in positive spirits and improve your physique over time. With the help of your Toronto PATH retailers, you’ll know how to make healthier choices in no time, both at home and on the go!

Healthy sips

Begin with how you normally keep hydrated. Do you often sip on sugary beverages to soothe that sweet tooth of yours? Stop by Booster Juice in MetroCentre and pick between a range of delicious fruit-filled smoothies and juices, giving you the same sugar kick without the crash. Do you prefer hot beverages to warm you up on chilly mornings? David’s Tea in Royal Bank Plaza offers many dessert teas that taste like a treat without all of the added calories. Maybe you prefer a morning coffee and that’s okay – Starbucks (located in MetroCentre, Richmond-Adelaide Centre and Royal Bank Plaza) has you covered with low-fat and plant-based milk and sweetener options.

Lunch at work

Ordering lunch from work can sometimes lead to unhealthy choices. Thankfully, all Oxford Properties concourses are filled with many fresh and healthy meal options. Royal Bank Plaza’s Freshii offers a range of satisfying and wholesome meal options, from filling salads to healthy wraps to protein-packed bowls. MetroCentre’s Kupfert & Kim, known for being “meatless and wheatless,” is a great choice for anyone with food intolerances and dietary restrictions. Lastly, Inspired by Southeast Asian cuisine, Basil Box located in Royal Bank Plaza is another healthy and completely customizable lunch option, complete with various veggies, proteins and starchy bases to choose from.

On-the-go essentials

Do you struggle with making healthy choices while you’re in a rush to get somewhere? Plan ahead by prepping snacks and meals before hunger hits! Shoppers Drugmart located in Royal Bank Plaza offers many healthy snack options such as dried fruit, trail mix and protein bars. For a quick and easy meal, MetroCentre’s Marketplace has healthy soups, salads and sandwiches to pick from. If you prefer to do your own meal prepping from home, stop by Indigo Books & Music located in Royal Bank Plaza to stock up on chic and reusable water bottles and lunch containers.

Now that you know the best places to grab a delicious drink, pick up a healthy meal or choose an easy snack, you’re all set! Remember, eating healthier doesn’t always happen overnight and it takes plenty of trial and error to see what tactics will work best for you in the long run. Oxford Properties and your Toronto Path retailers wish you the best of luck on your path towards good health!

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