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Maintaining Your New Year Resolutions

It’s been a couple of weeks since the start of the new year, which means resolutions tend to fall off the map around this time. Maybe you’ve stopped going to the gym, or started drinking four cups of coffee again, but regardless of your goals, it’s never too late to get back on track. Thanks to Oxford Properties and your Toronto PATH retailers, here’s a handy guide on maintaining (and maybe restarting) those New Year promises.

Resolution 1: Get Organized
You’re ready to conquer 2018 in all aspects of your life: work, home and personal. The best way to do this is to get focused and maintain productive habits throughout the year. That dentist appointment you’ve been meaning to schedule? Get in touch with a reputable office like Toothworks and set up an appointment. The excess paper supplies floating around your desk? Clean them up and store them in a chic new case from Brika. Both are located in Richmond-Adelaide Centre.

A great way to keep yourself on a proper schedule and stay on track is to purchase an agenda. Check out Indigo in Royal Bank Plaza or Papyrus in MetroCentre for some fun stationary to keep that motivation going.

Resolution 2: Eat Better
With all the rich foods you indulged in over the holidays, the new year is the perfect time to incorporate some healthier foods again. Instead of getting something that will make you feel lethargic the rest of the day, try frequenting spots that boast fresher options. Olly Fresco’s in Royal Bank Plaza has a great salad bar, while Crave Healthy Habits in Richmond-Adelaide Centre has a diverse menu with plenty of options. Kupfert and Kim is always a tasty choice when it comes to healthy meals, located at MetroCentre.

Having trouble kicking that coffee craving? Switching to tea is a great options, and brands like David’s Tea in Richmond-Adelaide Centre offer a range of flavours that vary in caffeine levels. Try a high-energy tea for that morning buzz, such as Power Berry Maté or Chocolate Orange Pu’erh. If you’re really missing the taste of coffee, try Coffee Pu’erh.

Resolution 3: Take Care of Your Body
It can be easy to let other aspects of your life, such as work or relationships, take priority and drain your energy. Treating yourself to indulgences every now and then is a small but easy way to keep yourself at ease. Diffusing some calming essential oils at home can help settle you down after a long, hectic day, so check out Escents in Royal Bank Plaza for various options in relaxing aromatherapy. Likewise, enjoying a relaxing massage at Sutherland-Chan Clinics in MetroCentre can also give you some down time in the midst of a busy work schedule.

While it may be difficult to start, exercising is a major part of taking care of your body. While you may not be ready to join a gym or take kickboxing classes just yet, starting off with something gentler like yoga can be just as beneficial. Check out I AM Yoga in MetroCentre for more information on different types of yoga and the benefits of each. If you’re up to it, sign up for a few classes you find interesting. It never hurts to try something new.

New Year resolutions are great ways to re-evaluate your goals and put all aspects of your life into perspective. Maintain them with confidence this year and get ready to conquer 2018 with the help of Oxford Properties and your Toronto PATH retailers!

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