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Pamper Yourself This Week – Toronto PATH

Springtime always brings a fresh feeling of renewal. It’s the perfect time of year to rest, restore and rejuvenate. What better way to celebrate than by spending a week pampering yourself? Whether you want to DIY or have the professionals take care of things, a self-care week can do wonders for your overall wellbeing. Here are a few handy suggestions from Oxford Properties and your Toronto PATH retailers to help you relax and get into a zen springtime mindset.

Update your look
Whether you want to make a few subtle tweaks or go for a complete makeover, updating your look can be a great method of self-care. You can feel an instant boost in confidence from something dramatic like a new hair colour or as simple as a brow touch-up.

Try scheduling your appointments before or after work (or even during your lunch hour) to avoid running around during your weekend off. If you’re looking for quality hair stylists located in the downtown core, head to Royal Bank Plaza’s Volum, MetroCentre’s Ferraro Hair or Richmond-Adelaide Centre’s Salon Dolce. Whatever level of change you’re looking to make, they can style to your liking.

If a noticeable difference isn’t something you’re interested in, a subtle change like whitening your teeth or touching up your brows can also go a long way. You can sign up for a few teeth whitening sessions or get a simple bi-yearly cleaning at MetroCentre Dental Office, Royal Bank Plaza’s Altima Dental or Richmond-Adelaide Centre’s Toothworks. If that brow touch-up is something that interests you, Waxon Wax Bar in Richmond-Adelaide Centre will have them perfectly shaped in no time.

Move your body
This may not sound like a part of your ideal pamper session, but moving your body can be a great way to boost your mood and your confidence. It doesn’t have to be an intense sweat session, either – a simple yoga flow or some light physiotherapy can do wonders for the body. Book a session with IAM Yoga in MetroCentre on a Friday after work for a blissful way to start your weekend, or schedule a physio session sometime during the week at a reputable location. Royal Physiotherapy in Richmond-Adelaide Centre or MCI Physiotherapy in Royal Bank Plaza are great options to check out.

If movement is the absolute last thing on your list of self-care activities, swap out exercise for a massage. You can still get the mind and body benefits without having to overexert yourself. Setting up an appointment at Sutherland-Chan Clinics in MetroCentre can help get you in the zen zone.

Have a ‘treat’ day
You deserve a little treat now and then. Instead of the familiar cheat day, try having a “treat” day, complete with a spa session, rich chocolate and delicious wine. You can keep the spa session DIY but for a truly relaxing experience, head to Polish’d in Richmond-Adelaide Centre. Include a friend or keep it a solo event, but don’t forget to stop by Royal Bank Plaza for a trip to Godiva and LCBO!

It’s been a long and hard winter, so spring is the perfect opportunity to reset your mind and body through a week of pampering activities. Leave the guilt at home and enjoy a relaxing week ahead, with a little help from Oxford Properties and your Toronto PATH retailers!


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