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Plan The Perfect Morning – Toronto PATH

Let’s face it – sometimes it’s difficult to be a morning person. Often in the early hours of the day, we find ourselves tired, moody or in rush to get to work. The trick is to get into a morning routine that is good for both your mind and body. With a little help from Oxford Properties and your Toronto PATH retailers, you’ll soon be able to make your mornings something to look forward to!

Stay caffeinated

Mornings can be tough when you’re low on energy or in need of proper fuel. Rushing out the door with an apple or granola bar in hand sometimes doesn’t cut it and we still find ourselves groggy hours later. Stop by Starbucks (located in MetroCentre, Richmond-Adelaide Centre or Royal Bank Plaza) for a latte or double shot of espresso to keep you energized and focused all morning long.

Not a coffee lover? Royal Bank Plaza’s David’s Tea has an assortment of caffeinated tea blends, from mates to matchas. You’re sure to find a delicious beverage to put that pep back into your step!

Read on your commute

Commuting in the morning can sometimes be stressful. Everyone is always in a rush to get somewhere and tensions can run high. One trick to enjoy your commute more is seeing it as another form of “me time.”  Take a moment to yourself while surrounded by commuters to enjoy a magazine from MetroCentre’s Rexall or start a new novel from Indigo, located in Royal Bank Plaza.

Fuel up on snacks

Hunger can leave you irritable, so be sure to fuel up on small snacks throughout the morning until lunch rolls around. Thankfully, there are plenty of quick and healthy options to choose from at Royal Bank Plaza’s Basil Box or the MetroCentre Market Place. While you’re at it, stop by Royal Bank Plaza’s RBC and pick up an RBC credit card – you can earn points from even the smallest purchases, which can later be redeemed for travel and merchandise!

Stretch your muscles

Make your morning brighter by fitting in a soul-awakening yoga class from MetroCentre’s Iam Yoga before you clock in! A nice yoga class is a perfect way to help you relax before taking on your task list for the day.

Do you have a long lunch break and sore, achy muscles? Book an appointment at Royal Bank Plaza’s MCI Physiotherapy for a rejuvenating massage or acupuncture that will leave you feeling brand new!

Have a good hair day

Last but not least, your morning can be made instantly better when you know your hair is looking fabulous. Ferraro Hair Studio, located in MetroCentre, will revamp your hairdo so you can feel confident all morning long.

Planning the perfect morning can be as simple as fitting in a yoga class or enjoying a new novel during your morning commute. With any luck, these tips from Oxford Properties and your Toronto PATH retailers will bring you one step closer to morning person status!

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