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Seasonal Health Check Up – Toronto PATH

A few times a year it’s important to attend to those necessary appointments and do a complete seasonal health check up. From your dental health to your physical health, the way you feel affects each and every part of your day.

If you need to address a nagging health issue, are looking for a new doctor or simply need a quick annual appointment, your Toronto PATH retailers have got you covered from head to toe.


It’s extremely important to maintain your oral health, especially as you age. Routine cleanings can also help ensure you’re not missing any more serious issues. For all your dental health needs, there are excellent options around the Toronto PATH.

In Richmond-Adelaide Centre, visit Toothworks for long-term care or last minute emergencies. In MetroCentre you can visit MetroCentre Dental Office for premium care. Lastly, Royal Bank Plaza has two excellent options: Altima Dental or Royal Bank Plaza Dental Centre.


As the seasons change, so do your vision needs. Perhaps you’re looking for a pair of prescription sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV Rays, or maybe it’s simply time for a full eye exam. Whatever your unique needs, you can find a solution in one of our retail locations.

Richmond-Adelaide Centre’s Josephson Opticians is the perfect place for all your optical needs, with a full optometrist office directly beside them. In MetroCentre, EZ Eye Care can determine the correct prescription and get you set up with a pair of frames you’ll love. And for the trendiest reading glasses and sunglasses around, visit Hakim Optical in Royal Bank Plaza.

The whole body

For full body health from your muscles to your bones, your Toronto PATH retailers have you covered. If you need a relaxing massage to help you through the workday, visit Sutherland-Chan, located in both Royal Bank Plaza and MetroCentre. To address deeper issues, perhaps you’re looking to see a chiropractor or physiotherapist. Luckily, Altima Physiotherpay and Downtown Core Chiropractic are both located in Royal Bank Plaza.

Now it’s time to attend to the feet. For foot and leg pain, there is no better place than Walking Mobility located in Royal Bank Plaza. Their professionals take a unique approach to healthcare with different specialists on staff, but with a special focus on legs and feet .


Last but not least, it’s important to check on your hearing throughout the year. Hearing Excellence, located in Royal Bank Plaza, is a wonderful way to invest in your hearing health. Their specialists carry the best in hearing aides, hygiene products and much more.


So as you enter the fun summer months, don’t forget to stay on top of your appointments and take care of the most important thing – your health. If you do this, the fun times will be even more enjoyable.

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