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Summer Weekend Essentials – Toronto PATH

Weekends are arguably the best part of summer. A whole two (sometimes three) days to just sit back, relax and enjoy the weather. You couldn’t ask for a better way to enjoy the sun and warm temperatures. Get prepped for some exciting weekends ahead with some tips and tricks from Oxford Properties and your Toronto PATH retailers.



Spend it up north
You’ve decided to take a Friday off and are ready to spend a relaxing weekend by the lake. Many people are looking to invest in a cottage or summer property outside of the city, so head to True North Mortgage in MetroCentre or Richmond-Adelaide Centre to help you find the best method of mortgage payments for your lifestyle. Of course, whether you decide to buy or rent a cottage for the weekend, summer BBQ’s are a must! Cook It, also in MetroCentre, can help you find exactly what you need for a delicious summer cookout!

Stock up on summer essentials
Travel-sized versions of your favourite products will be your best friends this summer. You can save space on packing for long weekend getaways, or you can throw them in your purse for on-the-go touch-ups at work. Consonant Skincare in Richmond-Adelaide Centre has compact travel wipes perfect for freshening up skin in a pinch.

For fun in the sun, you’ll definitely want to pile on the sunscreen (and reapply!). In this case, since you’ll be using so much of it, buying in bulk is your best bet. Head to Rexall in either MetroCentre or Richmond-Adelaide Centre to stock up on your favourite brand, or head to Shoppers Drug Mart in Royal Bank Plaza and use those Optimum points you’ve been saving.

Lastly, make sure to get any hiking shoes or sandals fixed in time for weekend excursions. Sure, you could buy a new pair, but your best (and most economical) bet is to repair the ones you already own, so head to It’s A Shoe Repair in MetroCentre to get your favourite pair fixed in no time.

Get back your beach body
An entire winter eating heavy foods and exercising less may have wreaked some havoc on your metabolism. Get prepped for your summer weekends at the beach by kickstarting your summer body routine. Instead of a slice of pizza for lunch, buy a hearty bowl from Freshii in Royal Bank Plaza or a tasty wrap from Cultures in MetroCentre. Skip your usual morning coffee and power up with a green smoothie from OJ&S in Richmond-Adelaide Centre. Stay active with some after-work yoga at MetroCentre’s IAMYoga. However you decide to get started, your body will thank you.

Of course, everyone needs a little treat every once in a while. Head to Richmond-Adelaide Centre and enjoy a relaxing pedicure at Polish’d while eating some fresh-baked macarons from Nadege. Maybe buy a little extra for the long car ride to the cottage. A little indulgence never hurt anyone!

Summer weekends are tons of fun and a great way to take advantage of the warm weather. With some helpful tips and tricks from Oxford Properties and your Toronto PATH retailers, your summer weekend planning just became a whole lot easier!

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