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Celebrate Earth Day – Toronto PATH

Earth Day is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on your own habits and acknowledge ways to reduce your overall impact on the planet. Most of us already know a few principles, such as turning the lights off in rooms we’re not using, keeping showers under 10 minutes, or commuting via transit or carpool to reduce pollution and conserve non-renewable energy sources. This year, Oxford Properties and your Toronto PATH retailers have curated a list of eco-conscious tips to incorporate into your day to further reduce your carbon footprint!

Mindful consumption

A large part of our carbon footprint revolves around the large number of natural resources needed to produce common food items. Many studies have shown that adopting a plant-based diet just once a week can make an overall positive impact. Kupfert & Kim, located in MetroCentre, is a great lunch option for anyone who wants to try out a delicious plant-based meal.

For the perfect afternoon beverage, Royal Bank Plaza’s David’s Tea offers a wide selection of delicious loose leaf blends and teaware, including tumblers designed to keep your teas hot or cold. David’s Tea also encourages reducing, reusing, and recycling, and provides discounts to those who bring their own tumblers and tea tins for refills.

Tim Hortons (located in MetroCentre, Richmond-Adelaide Centre, and Royal Bank Plaza) and Starbucks (located at Royal Bank Plaza) offer a variety of delicious and affordable treats. Next time you visit, be sure to bring your own travel cup or food container to save on waste that would otherwise go directly into a landfill!

Zero-waste essentials

Packing your own zero-waste essentials can make a world of difference in the long run, especially if you’re constantly on the go. Stop by Rexall (located in the MetroCentre and Richmond-Adelaide Centre) or the MetroCentre’s Market Place and peruse their selection of reusable staples, such as food containers, travel mugs, and grocery totes.

Do you have a worn-out, favourite pair of shoes that you can’t seem to part with? Well, you don’t have to! Get them fixed at MetroCentre’s It’s a Shoe Repair, which will save money and natural resources that would go into purchasing a brand new pair.

Connecting with the Earth

Connecting with the Earth and realizing how important it is for us to preserve its resources may put these Earth Day tips into perspective. Developing a new frame of mind always starts from within; to help connect with your inner self, try a class at Iam Yoga, located in MetroCentre. You’ll walk out of there feeling inspired!

Would you rather indulge in a good book while curled up at home? Pick up a new read at Indigo Books & Music, located in Royal Bank Plaza, and learn about the principles of minimalism, zero-waste lifestyles, or plant-based cooking to find some eco-friendly tips and tricks that you can adopt into your routine.

If you’re planning your next road trip, take your appreciation for nature one step further and opt for an electric vehicle from MetroCentre’s National Car Rental. You can spend time exploring Hamilton’s gorgeous waterfalls or the pristine beaches of Prince Edward County… without worrying about the gas it takes to get there!

Doing your part to better your own habits often includes a lot of trial and error. Having a reusable tote handy or reading up on what you can do to make a difference are great first steps toward a greener future. Oxford Properties and your Toronto PATH retailers hope these simple tips will help you make more eco-friendly choices not just this Earth Day, but each day going forward!

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