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Our Simple Life Hacks – Toronto PATH

We are always on the lookout for fast and fuss-free ways to get through the work week. With such a multitude of clever life hacks out there, we’ve decided to list a few of our own, courtesy of Oxford Properties and your Toronto PATH retailers.

Naturally rid yourself of allergies

Some life hacks save you money and others save you time, but David’s Tea, located in Royal Bank Plaza, saves you discomfort. With allergy season fast approaching, turn to an herbal tea steam for an all-natural sinus decongestant. Whether you’re tackling those seasonal sniffles or a brewing cold, David’s Tea and its wide variety of wellness teas are great natural remedies to keep your head clear.   

Keep your eyes in check

Eye health can be easily overlooked and dismissed with increasingly busy schedules. Whether you’re staring at a computer screen all day or maybe find yourself behind the wheel more than usual lately, it’s time for some overdue eye love. Prescription needed or not, Royal Bank Plaza’s Hakim Optical has a variety of task-specific lenses to keep your eyes in tiptop condition, including computer, safety, sports, driving and reading-specialized lenses.

Health-ify your lunches

Lunches can get boring and repetitive, but we’ve got you covered with this easy lunchtime hack. Be the chef without any of the hassle at Royal Bank Plaza’s Basil Box. Inspired by the street markets of Thailand and Vietnam, the restaurant focuses on making the customer the creator. Perfect for all cravings and preferences, you can mix and match ingredients to build one of thousands of possible boxes, no matter what your dietary restrictions!

Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Among many other benefits, bone broth contains valuable minerals that inhibit infections and support the body’s ability to create collagen. Stop by Soup Nutsy, located in MetroCentre and Richmond-Adelaide Centre, to pick up a warm jar that will fill you up and do your body some good at the same time.

Know where your money is

Financial literacy is something that isn’t spoken about enough. Too often we find ourselves blindly banking and it’s time to take back control of our finances. Stop by Richmond-Adelaide Centre’s CIBC to start banking with purpose, featuring expert guidance from their in-house financial services representatives.

Upcycle before you recycle

All things vintage are making a comeback, which means it’s time to dust off those classic pieces of jewellery. Pay a visit to Mani Jewellers, located in Richmond-Adelaide Centre and Royal Bank Plaza, for all your watch and jewellery repair needs and refresh your summer accessory collection.

The cheapest anti-aging product

After a long and cold winter, it’s hard not to shed our layers and bask in the heat of the sun but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take precautions. Everyone knows too much sun exposure can be harmful to our eyes and skin, so visit MetroCentre’s Rexall and incorporate some SPF into your daily skincare routine this summer. Choose from a variety of products including sunscreens, lip balms and moisturizers to help fight UV-inflicted skin damage.

Get fit for less

We all love to sweat it out at a good workout class, but they can really make a dent in your wallet. Iam Yoga, located in MetroCentre, offers an Energy Exchange Program that provides students the opportunity to connect within the community by volunteering their time at the studio in exchange for unlimited access to all classes.

Toronto is blessed with so many beautiful places to walk, from exploring pretty streets to lakefront promenades. Explore the city and keep your heart rate up without spending a dime.

Speaking of walking, keep your shoes in pristine condition by applying a water and stain protector 24 hours before wearing them out. Richmond-Adelaide Centre’s Moneysworth & Best Quality Shoe Repair has variety of shoe protection sprays and travel wipes to keep your shoes looking fresh without doling out too much cash.

Incorporating simple life hacks into your routine is an easy way to save yourself some time, money and stress. Whether you’re looking for an allergy cure or affordable workout class, Oxford Properties and your Toronto PATH retailers have you covered.

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