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Top Tips on Mindful Consumption – Toronto PATH

Consumerism is evolving. We’re not just looking for the greater meaning in life and work, but also in how we consume. It’s time to rethink our traditional spending routine, rediscover thoughtfulness and establish intentional purchasing habits. Follow these five tips to help keep mindful consumption your highest priority, courtesy of Oxford Properties and your Toronto PATH retailers.

Reevaluate your spending habits

It’s time to recognize and be held accountable for your spending habits. Jotting down a monthly, weekly or daily list of purchases can be a helpful way to keep yourself on track and honest. Indigo, located in Royal Bank Plaza, has a wide variety of journals and planners that are perfect tools to track your purchasing habits.

Know your weaknesses

You shouldn’t have to cut out your morning coffee or favourite take-out meal to be considered a mindful consumer. So long as you enjoy your guilty pleasures responsibly and mindfully, you’ll still be doing your part. Starbucks, located in Royal Bank Plaza, MetroCentre and Richmond-Adelaide Centre, offers an incentive to those who bring in a reusable tumbler: save 10 cents and a paper cup. Similarly, MetroCentre’s Kupfert & Kim offers a 35-cent discount to anyone who supplies their own container. Do your wallet and the environment some good!

Get to the root of your motivations

Many of us want to live a healthier lifestyle but tend to forget about the basics. Before you go and spend $30 on that spin class or $200 on a juice cleanse, visit your first line of defense—your doctor. Royal Bank Plaza’s MCI The Doctor’s Office still accepts new patients and with expert advice from a doctor, it’s the perfect place to reacquaint yourself with the fundamentals of healthy living. When you have some extra time, book a physical, hearing exam, and blood work. With their exceptionally prompt service, you’ll be in and out in no time!

EZ Eyecare, located in Royal Bank Plaza, should be your next stop. When was the last time you had an eye exam? Eye health is extremely important and—no pun intended—often overlooked.

Seek rewards in your purchases

Loyalty reward programs have become ubiquitous in recent years—it’s the modern day couponing equivalent. By capitalizing on these programs, you can maximize the benefits of your retail purchases and save money in the long run. Richmond-Adelaide Centre’s Consonant Skincare offers a Friends with Benefits points program that allows you to redeem points for some impressive savings. David’s Tea, located in Royal Bank Plaza, has a similar loyalty program, Frequent Steeper, that uses a point system to reward returning customers with free products and special offers. Who doesn’t like freebies?

Account for the hidden costs in each purchase

Often, we purchase items and only look at the sticker price, forgetting to think about incurred costs. For example, many products require additional items for it to work more efficiently (i.e. a second piece of hardware or product aftercare). It’s this whole cost we should consider before making the purchase. To keep you on track, shop at places like MetroCentre’s Rexall that offer a wide range of care-free, ready-to-use products. From your kitchen to your laundry room, Rexall provides a one-stop shop for all your product needs.

Take a moment to reflect on how you contribute to consumerism, specifically what purchasing habits you have and their impact. It’s time to start shopping with intent and making more thoughtful choices. With a few helpful tips courtesy of Oxford Properties and your Toronto PATH retailers, we know you’ll be well on your way!

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